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1   Link   Craig Leon
Craig Leon is a highly acclaimed producer/arranger that has worked with Izzy on all three classical albums.
Izzy and Craig are presently working on their fourth Album to be completed and released in the near future.
Craig Leon has worked with Pavorotti, Sting, The Ramones, Blondie and many others.
He has always been concerned with the development of new ideas and working in alternative forms within contempory music.

2   Link   Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez collaborated with Izzy on a number of occasions. Daniel appeared on Izzy's US release of 'New Dawn' and Daniels 'Be My Love' with the duet 'The Prayer'.

To those who have come to love him as the so-called “singing policeman,”—the New York City cop who helped bring the country an uplifting spirit of promise and hope with his stirring rendition of “God Bless America” after the September 11 terrorist attacks—it is no surprise that Daniel Rodriguez has always been a spiritual man.

3   Link   Matt Darey
Izzy has known Matt Darey since her university years. In 2006 Matt and Izzy collaborated on the incredible ‘Eternity’ dubbed as one of the best dance tunes of the year.

Matt has been one of the pioneers of today's dance scene being a major influence on today's world class DJ's.

4   Link   Robin Hill
Robin Hill is a highly acclaimed guitarist/composer who has been performing worldwide for more than 30 years.
Having collaborated with many renowned orchestras, and worked with artists as diverse as Luciano Pavarotti, Russell Watson, Atarah Ben Tovim, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull and Madeline Bell, amongst many others, he has been delighted to perform with Izzy on a number of occasions. The outcome has been so successful that they have released their debut album; 'Cancion' and are both looking forward to many future projects together.

5   Link   FaceBook

6   Link   MySpace